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Two Sisters…New Beginnings

By Jefferson County Economic Developement
Posted: June 29, 2019
Business Profile

Two Sister's Boutique Storefront

Antiques in Monticello, Florida

Monticello, Florida is home to a wealth of small businesses and shopping boutiques. Two Sisters…New Beginnings is no exception; this locally-owned antique store is a hotspot in the community for vintage furniture and collectibles. Owner Sandra Hood prides her store as being a “fun and eclectic” collection of unique gift items that will surely bring character to any home.


History Behind the Name

Sandra did not plan on opening an antique shop when she originally moved to Monticello 20 years ago. In fact, she wasn’t even particularly interested in the world of “antiquing” and collectibles. However, her husband enjoyed the process of visiting boutiques and shops to find interesting pieces that needed a makeover. Sandra, through tagging along to antique stores, eventually found a piece that sparked her interest: a vintage chest.

The chest came home with Sandra but remained untouched until her sister suggested they give it a much-needed freshening up. Together, the sisters enrolled in a painting class to learn the necessary skills for painting and repurposing furniture.

Eventually, the two sisters collaborated efforts in 2013 to open the antique shop that remains in Monticello today. They sold repurposed furniture, hand painted and handmade goods, gift items, and antiques that they found throughout the community or were gifted by local residents.

Unfortunately, October of 2015 brought some heartbreaking news. Sandra’s beloved sister and business partner had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She passed away just four short months later.


New Beginnings

hanging decorative wreath and framed art displayed in a storeNaturally, Sandra was heartbroken and mourning her dear sister. But she couldn’t ignore the sage advice she’d received from her sister before her passing. The antique shop should remain open and Sandra should continue building her business, just as they’d planned together. So, she did just that.

As she embarked on her solo journey, Sandra realized that operating the business all by herself was a huge undertaking. Around this time, then-customer Kathy Hayes approached her with a business idea. Soon after their meeting, Kathy had a corner of the store to sell her own wares and shared the business operations with Sandra. Together, they kept business hours five days a week.

The business continued to flourish. In October of 2018, Two Sisters…New Beginnings expanded their location to include the rental space next door. The new addition has become a place for local vendors to rent booth space and sell their own handcrafted goods, expanding the variety of merchandise even more. Today, the demand is so high that the space is full, with a waiting list for interested vendors.

In 2019, Sandra still believes that keeping the shop open was the best decision she’s ever made. As a two-time cancer survivor herself, she is continuously motivated by the love and guidance of her sister as well as her supportive community. She says the business and the fruits of her labor have become “my sanity and my safe place.”


Visit Two Sisters…New Beginnings Today

Two Sisters…New Beginnings remains a popular option for antiques in Florida. The quaint community of Monticello offers an unbeatable shopping experience on top of quality goods available for both residents and those just passing through.

Located at 170 N Jefferson St, the store is open Tuesday – Saturday. Interested shoppers can call the shop directly at 850-997-2550 or visit the Facebook page for news and updates as well as answers to any questions through instant messaging.


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