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Historical Interest

Monticello is legendary for its sheer number of restored and registered historic homes and buildings. The Monticello Historic District encompasses twenty-seven city blocks, although a historical study of the city finds that there are nearly 600 buildings which were built before 1930. Perusing the moss-covered, oak-lined city streets takes one back to the nineteenth century when the prosperity of the region lured families to build the ornate, detailed Antebellum homes that still stand today. Many of the homes are private residences, a few are open to the public, and a few have seen new life as bed and breakfast combinations. Jefferson County is also home to many beautiful plantation properties. Dixie Plantation holds hunting and equestrian events and also offers tours upon request.

Our Official Guide to Jefferson County includes details of a Self Guided Walking and Driving Tour among all of the architectural treasures. The regions includes two Spanish Mission Sites from the 1600’s and a range of architectural design throughout the 1800’s. For more information, request a copy of our free guide.



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