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Horses under a tree in Jefferson County Florida

No Lines, No Crowds, No Hassles – Welcome to Monticello!

By Bob Canter
Posted: December 10, 2018
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Historical marker for Monticello, Florida

Jefferson County has a distinct rural feel to it. Monticello – the only incorporated city in Jefferson County – fits right in.

No traffic jams; the pace is slow and quiet. No lines at the post office, no endless cruising around the block or jockeying with other drivers trying find a parking space. And no parking meters.

Monticello officially calls itself a “town,” not a city, and for good reason.

There are all the hallmarks of your classic small Southern town. There is a main street that is not called Main Street – it’s Jefferson Street – with all of the familiar features you’d expect; the post office, the local diner, the county courthouse.

There is Tupelo’s Bakery, whose artisan baked goods attract customers from Tallahassee, over 20 miles away. And there is a barber shop – not a hair “stylist,” a real barbershop, complete with the striped barber’s pole outside and customers inside who come to “sit a spell.”

The police chief waves to the locals from his police car as he patrols around town.

Flags adorn almost every building on the 4th of July, which features an old-fashioned parade.

If you crave the hubbub of midtown Manhattan, don’t come to Monticello. Come here for a slower pace of life; a place where you can walk the streets without getting bumped and jostled, where the many, small, shop owners welcome you with a smile and you’re free to stay as long as you want. You can cross the street without feeling like you are taking your life into your own hands – even in a town without a single stop light.

Stay for a day, or move here forever. Either way, you will experience just the right mix of peace and quiet – and the subtle vibrancy – of small-town Southern living in Monticello, Florida.