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Legendary Walking Tour of Monticello Turns Ghostly

By Tami Lewis
Posted: November 10, 2018
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With October weekend visitors on the horizon, and in search of a Halloween adventure, I found myself at the Monticello Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

One of their annual, October events happened to be a walking tour of Monticello called, ‘Haunted Tales and Ghostly Trails.’ Recognized as the “South’s Most Haunted Small Town,” The tour was sure to hit the mark for Halloween.

Our tour guide for the evening was the professional storyteller, Linda Schuyler Ford, who hails from Sleepy Hollow, New York. Known as “Schuyler,” Linda has a background in paranormal activity. Before embarking on the tour, Schuyler encouraged the group to quiet our minds and center ourselves as we walked down Dogwood Street.

Dogwood Street allegedly follows a natural meridian, or ley line, producing characteristics of psychic or mystical energy. Regardless of one’s beliefs, each member of the group was encouraged to have their own personal experience.

Having exclusive access to two historic sites made the ghostly adventure even more thrilling. Our visit to the Palmer House was a special treat. We were greeted with a tour of the property ending in the garden. Though we did not encounter the spirit of Dr. Palmer, the history of this property was enlightening.

Our final stop was at the John Denham House Bed and Breakfast. According to USA Today, this historic site was voted the third most haunted Bed and Breakfast in the country. In the dark of night, Linda Schuyler Ford told remarkable stories of her own paranormal visits from Mr. John Denham.

While tales are told across the nation of the many homes and business that are haunted by spirits of days gone by, we found our ghostly adventure to be full of the rich heritage of this charming community. Stay tuned as this legendary tour becomes more than an annual event.