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Haunted Trails & Ghostly Tales

By clgolden
Posted: September 25, 2018
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Linda Schuyler Ford leading a Haunted Tour

Monticello has a reputation for being the most haunted small town in the American South. It is home to Indian Mounds and many historic buildings, including the Perkins Opera House (now the Monticello Opera House) and the Monticello Old Jail Museum.

Many of these places have a history that ‘haunts’ the present. Many a superstitious tourist, history buff, or supernatural hobbyist have enjoyed the history and haunts of Monticello.

Pat Inmon says she first learned her BnB, the John Denham House, might be haunted from strangers, and finds the folklore a fun and family friendly feature for her establishment. “Every B&B should have a ghost or two, and we have a ghost or two.” she says with a smile.

The house was originally the home of the Scottish business man whose name it bears. The place is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a former occupant, a school marm named Sarah. Childless and kind, guests report that Sarah helps pat their children to sleep, and tucks adult visitors in at night.

Guests have similar experiences, and having never met or talked to each other will recount the same stories after staying in Sarah’s room.

The Old Jefferson County Jail housed prisoners from the turn of the century until the 1970s. The building has been restored to reflect its history and is difficult to walk through the cells without getting goose flesh.

Old Jail Museum in Monticello Florida

Anne Holt, a local historian who published her doctoral dissertation on correctional history, says “You can feel the weight of the years in an old building. A lot of old hard things have happened here.”

We celebrate Halloween with ghostly tours and scary storytelling. There are more than a dozen stops on the downtown tours.

Haunted Tales and Ghostly Trails

This year, 2018, we have producer and storyteller, Linda “Schuyler” Ford leading the ghostly tales and tours.

Scary Storytelling Concerts are on Friday nights October 12, 19 and 26 at the Chamber. The 90-minute shows begin at 7:30 and are not appropriate for children under 10.

There will be a brief intermission with complimentary refreshments. And a raffle!

Ghostly tours are scheduled for Saturday nights, October 13, 20 & 27, as well as a tour on Halloween night, October 31st, a Wednesday. The walking tours go through town, with stops at haunted sites along the way. We’ll meet at Chamber building and step off at 7:30. An additional tour leaves at 8:30.

Advanced tickets are strongly suggested, the cost is $15 and you can purchase them online for a $1.50 convenience fee. Scroll down for purchase links.

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Florida’s Most Esteemed Storytellers

Linda “schuyler” Ford

Linda Schuyler will be leading the storytelling and tours in Monticello, FL

Linda hails from Sleepy Hollow, NY, and has been saturated in ghostly traditions from a young age.

She’ll be sharing the stage with fellow storytellers on Friday nights during October and will accompany guests on tours. Because there’s safety in numbers, right?!!

Margaret Kaler

Margaret Kaler will be storylelling in Monticello, FL

A St. Augustine native, Margaret has told lots of ghost stories as a Ghost Host on the popular Trolley Tours’ Ghosts and Gravestones, and on the Schooner Freedom’s Ghosts of the Matanzas. The will be a featured teller at the Florida Storytelling Festival in Mount Dora, Florida this coming January. Margaret is also an avid student of history, and knows how to bring it to life!

October 12 and 13

Robyn Schulte

Robin Schulte will be storylelling in Monticello, FL

Known for her impeccable timing, Robin will have you on the edge of your seat as you lean in to hear her stories. Expect no less as she leads you through the darkened streets and past houses with who-knows-what lurking within. Robin will be selling her award wining CD after the concert.

October 19 and 20

Paul Phelps

Paul Phelps, Storyteller who fishes in Florida

With longstanding ties to Monticello, Paul Phelps knows all about the town’s supernatural residents, from Doc Palmer to the Lady in Pink. Now a Colorado resident (and in-demand storyteller) Paul boldly ventures back for one weekend only. He’s sticking around for the Halloween tour, too. Brave soul!

October 26 and 27 plus Halloween!

If there is enough interest, additional concerts and tours can become available. Let the Chamber know if you are interested in any of these by filling in the form below. (You won’t be taken away from this page when you submit.)

Scary Storytelling Concert
9:30 PM Friday, Oct 129:30 PM Friday, Oct 199:30 PM Friday, Oct 26

Ghostly Haunted Town Tours
9:30 PM Saturday, Oct 139:30 PM Saturday, Oct 209:30 PM Saturday, Oct 27

Cemetery Tours with History and Symbolism
Saturday, Oct 13Saturday, Oct 20Saturday, Oct 27