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Bob Canter and his wife have been Monticello residents since 2015. Previously, Bob had a career as a public affairs executive for a Fortune 500 company and later as a Chamber of Commerce executive. You can see Bob most mornings in downtown Monticello walking Kona, a retired Racing Greyhound.

New York Bagels and Coffee Ice Cubes: Electric City Wheels and Grinds

Posted: May 31, 2019
Business Profile

Electric City Wheels & Grinds Storefront in Monticello, FL

You can get a good bagel in Monticello – a really good one, too. I know my bagels: I prepare dozens of bagel and cream cheese sandwiches each year at the Jewish Food and Cultural Festival in Tallahassee. So you can trust me. When it comes to bagels, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. So what … Read More

Small Town Shopping “With a Purpose”

Posted: December 17, 2018
Local Venues

Photo of Two Sisters ~ New Beginning shop in Monticello, FL

By shopping in Monticello, Florida, you are helping to preserve a part of Florida’s history and its future! Call it “shopping with a purpose.” If you live here, Shop Local! If you’re coming to visit, go home with something unique, natural and full of purpose. …Read more

No Lines, No Crowds, No Hassles – Welcome to Monticello!

Posted: December 10, 2018
Local Venues

Historical marker for Monticello, Florida

If you crave the hubbub of midtown Manhattan, don’t come to Monticello. Come here for a slower pace of life; a place where you can walk the streets without getting bumped and jostled, where the many, small, shop owners welcome you with a smile and you’re free to stay as long as you want. …Read more