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Horses under a tree in Jefferson County Florida

A Welcome Detour from Life in the Fast Lane

By clgolden
Posted: July 5, 2018

A Day on the Wacissa River in Jefferson County, FL

Orlando Sentinal’s Travel correspondent Nancy Moreland speaks highly of Jefferson County and Monticello in a recent article in Visit Natural North Florida.

“There’s a whiff of wisteria on the breeze as you stroll past the antebellum homes and gracious gardens of Monticello. Pausing under a centuries-old oak, you admire sunlight filtering through the Spanish moss covering its ancient limbs. In the town square, the 1909 courthouse clock tolls, waking you from reverie. Savoring the moment, you can’t recall the last time you felt this relaxed. It’s hard to believe you’re just five miles off I-10, near Tallahassee.”

Nancy perfectly describes Avera-Clarke House, the haunted John-Denham House, the downtown antique shops, Tupelo’s Bakery & CafĂ© and RevCafe. She paints a picture of a lovely weekend riding along the Heritage Parkways and canoeing on the Wacissa river.

For those who are ‘craving culture,’ she says, you can visit the Jefferson Arts Gallery and the Monticello Opera House, one of Florida’s few 19th century venues still in use.

Thank you, Nancy for describing our county so well.